Infos zu Styles und Sound:

I have been playing for many years and it is difficult to really describe the sound and style. I am certainly a 70′s child of sound – Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Frank Marino, Rush, Old non politic Nugent and vintage Aerosmith (yeah I am a Whitford Perry Fan)…ABB, so many…too many to name. As a Keyboarder you will not find too many Keyboarder idolizing here – I am a guitar keyboarder – a so called keytar player…love my sound, love to play and i am grateful that music brought me together with lots of people.

I have created my own sound using synth modules, Hammond and Doepfer products and running them through some really nasty guitar effects.

I use gig fx stereo Wah, marshall compressor, VOX satchurators and Yes – I run my keys through a talkbox Banshee….mean, mean, mean.

here are some intersting articles:

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